July 24, 2018 – Ottawa, ON

Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) and International Counterparts Launch Online Campaign to Promote Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care is vital to the health of Canadians, has a positive impact on the healthcare system and should be practiced daily. MPs Rob Oliphant and Marilyn Gladu launched International Self-Care Day (ISCD) today, a world-wide initiative led in Canada by Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada).

The online campaign is designed to encourage Canadians to practice self-care. Using the hashtag #iSelfCare, the two MPs will lead the conversation and talk about how they practise self-care. Canadian long-distance runner and adventurer Ray Zahab is also supporting the campaign; he will tweet about the benefits of self-care as he prepares for his next expeditions: runs across Death Valley this summer and Baffin Island this fall. A former ‘pack-a-day’ smoker, Ray is an example of how everyday self-care can lead to a healthier life. Read More

July 24, 2017 – Ottawa, ON

Canadians’ Strong Health Literacy Scores Tied to Good Health Status, But Navigating Health System Remains a Challenge.
Today Marks International Self-Care Day – New Survey on Canadians and Health Literacy

According to a new survey by Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada), Canadians with higher health literacy scores tend to enjoy better health. Overall, the health literacy of Canadians compares well with Europeans in terms of health knowledge and disease prevention, though Canadians struggle more with navigating the healthcare system, while finding it a little easier to judge their different treatment options. Read More